Micropolis 1220-Series


1220-Series of rigid disk systems

Model Number 1221-1 1202-1 1203-1
Capacity 4MB 15MB 24MB
Platters 1 2 3
Heads / Data Surfaces 1 3 5
Tracks / Data Surfaces 580 580 580
(hard sectored, 512 bytes/sector)
24 24 24


The Micropolis Model 1220/1200 series of fixed disk systems are intended for mini or microcomputer applications which require medium capacity fixed disk storage at low cost. Model 1220 consists of a Micropolis 8" fixed disk drive with an integral controller board, and is the minimum system configuration. The 1220 fits within the outline of a Shugart 8" flexible disk drive and requires the same D.C. supply voltages. The controller provides full data transfer and control facilities in six standard sectoring arrangements and can be easily attached to the host computer through a simple bus-oriented interface.
The 1220 series are MFM drives with an ST-412 interface.

These 8-inch drives in an external subsystem enclosure were marketed as the Micropolis "MiniDisk".

Model 1200 is an add-on module similar to the 1220 except that no controlier is provided. Up to three 1200's may be added to the 1220. These modules are available in three configurations depending on the number of data surfaces in use and offer the following formatted storage capacities:

Information on capacity varies, some source state the same capacity as the 1200 series, 7MB, 20MB, 35MB, while other sources state 4MB, 15MB and 24MB.