Universal Aluminum Enclosure

Desktop form-factor universal aluminum enclosure

FD-Series metal enclosures are manufactured by bending aluminum into a clever simple structure with a minimum of screws. It can be used as a multi-purpose electronics enclosure in a number of customer applications. Available in raw unpainted aluminum, or painted or coated to customer specification in a number of colors. The surface can be customized for controls and connectors, drilled, milled or laser-cut for varied applications. Our FD-enclosure is the basis for Micropolis 1235 and 1255 floppy drives.
Micropolis FD-Series enclosure

Light and durable

Made from aluminum, the enclosure is lightweight yet strong. Very good weather and seawater resistance makes this material a perfect choice. After the lifespan of the housing, aluminum can be easily and fully recycled.

Simple construction

A C-shaped cover slides over a U-shaped base plate. An upward bent front and rear plane forms a closed box.


This enclosure can be used in various industries and fields. As IoT network enclosure, sensor enclosure, embedded PC case, instrument enclosure, industrial control box, htpc or home electronics chassis.


We offer customization services for our enclosures. You may change the appearance of this chassis by machining, by punching holes or cutouts, via printing, painting or various coatings. Stock enclosures may be inkjet or silkscreen printed, laser marked or engraved and we offer to produce units with custom CNC machining, laser cutting or punching / forming according to your requirements


FD-enclosures are available unmodified immediately in two sizes and with customizations upon request. No purchase quantity requirements. Minimum order for stock units is 1! With customizations, please ask for a quote.

Model & Dimensions

Model External Dimensions (mm) Weight (g) PDF STEP
FD 14-6-20 140 63 204 120 - .step
FD 18-8-26 184 80 265 140 - .step
Micropolis FD-Series enclosure technical drawing


  • Made from bent aluminum
  • Aluminum EN AW-5754 (AlMg3)
  • At minimumum only four screws M3
  • Light and durable
  • Shipped with four rubber feet
  • Two parts, base plate and sliding cover