Our Corporate Responsibility

Companies are humans too, well, sort of. As a business, Micropolis has responsibilities towards society, as anyone else on Earth. We here define our goals and beliefs of how our operations must benefit the future of humanity and our planet.

People first

Individual and team success go hand in hand. As a venture we can only grow when we grow together. That's why each individual's path is recognized in our organization. Only through individual well-being we can create long-lasting success, inspirational products and earn the trust of our customers. We encourage diverse opinions, ideas and voices across the organization at all levels. We assess our suppliers and prioritize partners who value transparency, safety and a social approach. We communicate this culture and our social beliefs to suppliers and customers to deliver on these commitments as an organization and as people.

Environmental Commitment

An organizational culture of respect for the environment.

In Harmony with our Planet

At Micropolis we aim for green designs. Small footprints, simple designs, low power consumption and high reliability ultimately help us to preserve our natural resources. Minimizing waste, optimizing efficiency and sustainable processes with a low impact on the environment align naturally with our business economics. These aims help us balance economic and ecological value. With a green approach on all levels internally and by demanding our suppliers to do the same, we strive to achieve the promise of environmental protection.
Products designed by our company must be compliant with the relevant regulations of RoHS, the WEEE directive and REACH. We strive for toxic-free raw materials for all products.

In a circular economy, we embrace the life-cycle of products and help our customers protect our planet, from environmental-friendly packaging to product recycling.