Collection & Recycling

In our pursuit of environmental sustainability, we have committed to green processes in our Corporate Responsibility manifest and we implement some of those ethics in our Collection & Recycling programme.


If you own a Micropolis product and want us to recycle it, please contact us. It doesn't matter if you bought it just recently or over twenty years ago. We are committed to adopt the end-of-life fate of Micropolis' past products as well as of future products.


Recycling is an effort to minimize waste and conserve nature's environmental resources. Electronics contain valuable and rare materials. And electronics contain materials that may be of harm for our environment. In compliance with international regulations and in-line with our Corporate Responsibility we recycle. Our aim is to collect and recycle as many products and supplies as possible.

Micropolis has established a collection and recycling programme for its past products, for floppy- and hard-disk-drives, enclosures, smaller devices and electronics as well as for consumables. The programme consists of single return (via postal, postage paid) channels and bulk return (via box collection) offerings. Please contact us if you want to return a Micropolis product for recycling.