About Micropolis

Micropolis is a new venture, determined to breathe life into a legendary brand, a computer brand well-known for pioneering electronic and mechanical data storage systems. Under new management, Micropolis strives to live up to the high level of reliability and technical excellence past customers have come to expect, and providing new users with products they can trust on for years.

Brand Legacy

Micropolis was established as a brand in the 1970s. In a time when home-computers began to become a reality for private users. Micropolis Corporation entered the business as a manufacturer of floppy drive controller cards and, building on this early expertise, started to manufacture its own line of 5.25-inch floppy disk drives soon after.

Just as today, storage demands back then grew and customers asked for ever higher data density and reliability for their storage subsystems. Micropolis Corporation answered these demands with the introduction of "rigid disk" systems. Stemming from its experience with controller electronics and mechanical drive systems grew a line of early 8-inch hard-disk drives. In the following years, this product lineup saw miniaturization and higher capacities, with drives offered in the 5.25-inch full-height and later 3.5-inch form factor.

Twenty years after its inception, during the 1990s, the company wasn't only offering hard-disk-drives but had branched out into storage enclosures. A line of deskside "data silo"-type enclosures offered plug-in data storage, packaged in a smart and modular subsystem. But this visionary technology, which anticipated today's storage virtualization, didn't help when many competitors had entered the storage market during the decade. Despite a loyal customer base, Micropolis Corporation experienced cost pressure, was sold, restructured and ultimately, in a market shakeout, ceased operation in 1997.

Micropolis' Future

Today, over 40 years later, the computing landscape has changed dramatically. Data storage density has grown exponentially and systems have seen vast improvements in terms of capabilities and miniaturization. Time has come for a reboot. With a brand like Micropolis, which has such a deep heritage in storage, our contemporary operations will offer customers a line of products that bridge old paradigms with today's demands. Similarly as in Micropolis' first incarnation, new Micropolis will again cater to storage related use-cases and our operations will aim to live up to proven expectations of
Legendary Reliability. Legendary Excellence.℠.