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Micropolis 1053 II

Floppy Disk Drive


Model Capacity Size Height Media Type
Micropolis 1053 II 630K 5.25" Full, Dual-Disk Single Sided, Double Density / 100TPI

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Complete MetaFloppy™ dual-disk subsystem with a total of 630KB of formatted on-line storage. Includes two disk drives, S-100/8080/Z80 compatible controller (Model 1071), drive enclosure, interface cable A and power supply.

The 1053-II is the dual-drive version of the single-drive 1043-II. Both drives are single head / single-sided drives. The roman numeral "II" indicates it operates at 77 tracks / 100 TPI. This drive only accepts hard-sectored media when used with the bundled Micropolis 1071 controller.

The subsystem is usually presented with a capacity of 630k. With the unit being a dual-drive assembly, this can be misleading, suggesting each drive would hold 630k by using dual heads writing on double sided media. In reality, each drive is a single head drive and stores 315k, but two drives with 315k provide 630k of on-line storage per unit.

Model 1053 Mod II is a master module, used with a Micropolis 1071 controller and interface cable A. Its sister-module 1033 Mod II is an add-on module only.


Micropolis 1053-II Micropolis 1053-II logo detail

Disk Latch Mechanism

The drive has file-protection circuitry and other standard features include a disk-insertion interlock that prevents accidental damage to the diskette by preventing the user from closing the drive door unless the diskette is positioned properly. Large lighted numerals clearly show the logical address of each drive, to further prevent operating errors.

Note on Micropolis' floppy drive naming convention

If you ask yourself what the meaning of the Roman numeral literals in disk drive names is, here's the explanation: Labeling convention for the Micropolis floppy disk drives from the 1040/1050 series is that each model number is followed by either the notation "Mod I" or "Mod II". These notations indicate whether the system operates at a track density of 48 TPI (35 tracks total) or 100 TPI (77 tracks total). "Mod I" storage modules have a black disk load actuator and "Mod II" modules have a blue disk load actuator.

Related Information

A detailed chronicle of getting a Micropolis 1053-II floppy subsystem working on a rare Micro Expander Inc. S-100 bus machine via 100085-01-8A controller board can be found on German vintage computer tinkerer funkenzupfer's website.