Micropolis 1235

3.5" floppy. The final one of its kind.

An external floppy disk drive, ready to run. For archival work or demanding data preservation tasks. Our drive is based on highly reliable TEAC mechanics, refurbished and calibrated by us. Equipped with unique interface electronics, it's able to interface with legacy home computers, Commodore IEC bus and Amiga 23 pin D-Sub or with modern PC via raw box connector and USB for flux read-outs.
Micropolis 1235 floppy drive


No need to find someone to repair a drive bought from an auction site. Our drive comes with professionally refurbished and calibrated mechanics in a ready to run package.

Flexible Connectivity

Floppy disks were used on many systems. Just as diverse are the scenarios where users may want to use an external drive today. That's why our drive offers a unique number of interfacing options.


With any other end-of-life drive you are on your own. Our drive is a fresh offering, ready for work and with support readily available from us.


This drive is currently in pre-order and may not be sold worldwide. Please contact us for ordering and for information on the availability of this model in your region.
Micropolis 1235 floppy drive front
Micropolis 1235 floppy drive backside
Micropolis 1235 floppy drive bottom detail
Micropolis 1235 floppy drive mechanics


  • Raw-interface box-style 34-pin floppy connector
  • Amiga Disk Drive external floppy 23-pin D-Sub connector
  • IEC bus 6-pin DIn connector to interface with Commodore C-64
  • IEC bus daisy-chain output port
  • Four switchable interface modes
  • Hardware drive ID selector for IEC bus mode
  • USB connector for Greaseweazle-style raw flux level readouts
  • Auxiliary DC power input and hardware on-off switch
  • Security Lock hook

Drive Family

Micropolis floppy drives 1255 and 1235 side by side
Micropolis floppy drives 1255 and 1235 stacked
Micropolis floppy drives 1255 and 1235 stacked


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