Micropolis BBS

Micropolis has an old tradition of running a BBS and the "Micropolis BBS" was originally on-line between 1990 and 1995. Today, since January 25th, 2023 Micropolis BBS is back and accepting connections. You may connect via Telnet from command line or with a client of your choice at bbs.micropolis.com port 23. Alternatively, just use our in-browser Telnet client embedded below. When asked about "mode" (charset encoding) enter "1" or just press "ENTER" for the default.

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Micropolis BBS history

During the 1990s, the Internet was in its infancy. The medium of choice for many computer users were so called BBS, bulletin board systems. Such "boards" could be used to send messages between users, share files and communicate in other interactive ways with each other. Micropolis operated its own BBS between 1990 and 1995 to offer tech support to users of Micropolis products. Refer to our BBS FAQ for more info and explanations of common lingo.

BBS were usually accessed via dial-up phone lines. A computer used a modem to connect to the remote system and a terminal program was used to send to and receive data from the BBS. When the Internet in form of the World Wide Web became accessible to a broader user base, one-to-many TCP/IP usage patterns quickly rendered the single point-to-point dial-up modem lines obsolete.
	Micropolis Tech Support BBS (operated by J. Mason for Micropolis)
	Chatsworth, CA
The original help text was: As part of 24-Hour Self-Help Services, Micropolis offers Faxback, BBS and CompuServe.
For BBS access: with a computer/modem, call (818) 709-3310 (Parameters: 14,400 baud, 8 data bits, no parity, 1 stop bit, full duplex.) to reach our dial-in electronic bulletin board and information file service.
On CompuServe: Micropolis maintains a forum on the CompuServe Information Service. Simply log on to CompuServe and type GO PCVEND at any "!" prompt. The Micropolis Message Board and library of files are located in Section 5. If you are not presently a CompuServe member but wish to join, call (800) 524-3388 and ask for Representative #194.
Lastly, there was the Faxback service: With a touch-tone telephone, call 1-800-395-DRIVE (1-800-395-3748); then press 2. This system will FAX material directly to your FAX machine; a current index/document list is available.