Micropolis 1240-Series


1240-Series of rigid disk systems

Model Number 1241-1 1242-1 1243-1
Capacity (unformatted) 8.9MB 26.7MB 44.5MB
Capacity (unformatted) 6.2MB 18.7MB 31.1MB
Platters 1 2 3
Heads / Data Surfaces 1 3 5


The Micropolis Model 1240 series of fixed disk systems are intended for mini or microcomputer applications and come in three capacities. All models share the 8-inch form factor, integrated controller board, Shugart 8" footprint compatibility and D.C. supply voltages.
The 1240 series are MFM drives with an ST-412 interface.

Micropolis offered these systems as part of a subsystem enclosure under the "Microdisk" trade name and shipped the "OSM" software package with it. The Microdisk subsystem was available in three sizes. Higher model numers denominate combinations with enclosure and controller:

1251, 1252, 1253 (drive w/ enclosure and AC supply)
1261, 1262, 1263 (drive w/ enclosure, AC supply, and EPM Controller)