Micropolis 1350-Series


1350 DIMENSIONS AND MOUNTING INFORMATION The Micropolis 1350-Series drives use industry-standard mounting for 5 1/4-inch "full-height" Winchester disk drives. Recommended orientation is vertical on either side, or horizontal with the Device Electronics board down; other mounting orientations may be used provided the ambient air temperature around the drive is kept at or below 50° C (122° F). Since the drive acts as a heat sink to dissipate heat from the unit, the enclosure and mounting structure should be designed to allow natural convection of heat around the HDA and frame. If the enclosure is small or natural convection is limited, a fan may be required. The figure below shows the mounting hole locations.


The mounting screws must be selected so that they do not penetrate the mounting holes by more than 0.25 inches. Maximum torque applied to the screws must not exceed 10 in-lbs.