Micropolis 1548-Models


1548 DIMENSIONS AND MOUNTING INFORMATION The Micropolis 1548 drive uses industry-standard mounting for 5 1/4-inch "full-height" Winchester disk drives. Recommended orientation is vertical on either side, or horizontal with the Device Electronics board down; other mounting orientations may be used provided the ambient air temperature around the drive is kept at or below 50° C (122° F). The term "ambient" becomes imprecise when referencing a drive in a system, since it is difficult to determine where the air temperature should be measured. To help resolve this confusion, Micropolis specifies that the maximum HDA casting temperature (regardless of the air temperature around the drive) is 60° C (140° F). Not exceeding this temperature will ensure that the head-to-media interface never exceeds its temperature limit. The figure below shows the mounting hole locations.


The mounting screws must be selected so that they do not penetrate the bottom mounting holes by more than 0.20 inches or the side mounting holes by more than 0.156 inches. Screws that are too long will short to PCBA components and/or prevent proper operation of the shock mount system.