Micropolis 1624-Models


1624 ELECTRICAL INTERFACE Electrical interface between the Micropolis 1624 drive (with 8-bit, Single-Ended Interface) and the host system is accomplished via connectors as shown in the figure below.
Signal Connector J1 is a standard 50-pin SCSI interface connector. The signals on J1 include the 8-bit SCSI bus and various control and handshaking lines. Multi-Function Connector / Jumper Block J2 is used for device addressing. It can also be used to connect the drive to a user-supplied Operator Panel (see below). Power Connector J3 is a 4-pin connector used to supply +5V and +12V to the drive. Connectors J4 and J5 are 3/16-inch spade lugs located on the HDA and frame, respectively, and are used for grounding purposes. System characteristics determine proper ground connection.
Operator Panel Connection
	J2 Pin	Function
19 Logic ground.
20 Not used.
21 Write Protect input. Logic ground disables writing and lights the Write Protect LED.
22 Ready output. Logic ground indicates that the drive is Ready and lights the Ready LED.
23 +5V source for the LEDs.