Micropolis 1926-Models


1926 ELECTRICAL INTERFACE Electrical interface between the Micropolis 1926 drive (with 8-bit, Single-Ended Interface) and the host system is accomplished via connectors as shown in the figure below.
Signal Connector J1 is a standard 50-pin SCSI interface connector. The signals on J1 include the 8-bit SCSI bus and various control and handshaking lines. Connector J2 is a 24-pin multi-function connector/jumper block. This connector is used for device addressing and various other options (see the Configuration Information for the particular drive model). Power Connector J3 is a 4-pin connector used to supply +5V and +12V to the drive. Connectors J4 and J5 are 3/16-inch spade lugs located on the HDA and frame, respectively, and are used for grounding purposes. System characteristics determine proper ground connection.