Micropolis 3243W-Series


3243W AND 3243WD ELECTRICAL INTERFACE Electrical interface between the Micropolis 3243W (Wide/Single-Ended) or 3243WD (Wide/Differential) drive and the host system is accomplished via four connections: Connectors J1, J1A, and J1B (which comprise the "Unitized Connector") and the Option Jumper Block. These are shown in the figure below.
  • Signal Connector J1 is a 68-pin interface connector. The signals on J1 include the 16-bit SCSI Bus and various control and handshaking lines.
  • Power Connector J1A is a 4-pin connector used to supply +5V and +12V to the drive.
  • Auxiliary Connector J1B is a 12-pin connector. The signals on J1B may be used for drive configuration, connecting the drive to a configuration control board, or common backplane configuration.
  • The Option Jumper Block is used for drive addressing and various options (see the Configuration Information for the particular drive model).