Micropolis 4110A-Models



Data Rate

	Seek Time (including settling time)
Track-to-Track (read) 1.5 msec
Track-to-Track (write) 2.5 msec
Average 8.5 msec
Maximum 20 msec Avg. Rotational Latency 5.56 msec
Rotational Speed 5400 rpm +/- 0.5%

Data Transfer Rate at Interface

	Internal Data Rate		32 to 47 Mbits/sec
MTBF (power-on hours) 500,000
Positioner Fully balanced rotary voice coil
Parking Automatic park and lock

General Functional Specifications

	Interface			AT/IDE
Supports Master/Slave Operation Yes (See Configuration Information)
Drivers/Receivers Single-ended
Command Overhead Less than 180 microseconds
Buffer Size 512 KBytes
Defect Management One spare sector per track and two spare cylinders.
Data Integrity 88-bit ECC with on-the-fly correction; Automatic retries; Periodic thermal calibration

Power Requirements

	+12V +/-5% (average)			0.6 A
+12V +/-5% (max. during start-up) 1.5 A
+5V +/-5% (average) 0.85 A
Power Dissipation, typical, idling 7 Watts
Power Dissipation, typical, seeking 8.5 Watts

Drive Configuration Information

(Board Layout and Jumper Options)

Drive Warranty Information