Micropolis Floppy Disk Drive Micropolis 1081-05, Specifications, Support, Specs, Manual, Images

Micropolis 1081-05

5.25" Floppy Disk


Model Capacity Size Height Media Type
Micropolis 1081-05 varies 5.25" Hard-Sectored, Double Sided, Double Density

5.25 Inch Floppy Disk

Standard hard-sectored Double Density (2D/DD) floppy disk media. Iron oxide magnetic coating. May comply with Micropolis Quad Density formatting. Compatible for use in 1006 and 1106 Safari drives, as well as drives from the 1015/1016 family and 1115 series.

These disks were sold as blank media, but also pre-formatted and with software on it. Micropolis PDS/12 4.0 was supplied on these disks.

Micropolis 1081-5 Floppy Disk
Credit: Chgus under CC BY-SA 4.0, 2015.