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Micropolis 1538-15

Hard Disk Drive


Model Capacity Size Height Interface Bus Type
Micropolis 1538-15 910MB 5.25" FHT ESDI


Size 5-1/4"
Interface ESDI
Interface Type
Encoding Method RLL
Formatted Capacity 910 MB
Disks 8
Heads 15
Cylinders 1669
Sectors 71
Buffer Size N/A
Average Seek 14.5 msec
Single Track 4 msec
Rotation Speed / Avg. Latency 3600 rpm +/- 0.5%
Transfer Rate to / from media 23. 33 Mbits / sec
Transfer Rate to / from buffer N/A
Tracks Per Inch (TPI)
Bits Per Inch (BPI)
Dimensions 8.0"L x 5.75"W x 3.25"H
Weight 5.75 lbs.

Power Requirements

+12V +/-5% +5V +/-5% Power
Spin up 4.3A (max)
Read / Write 2.0A avg 1.5A avg
Typical 24 Watts


Drive Addressing and Interface Termination
   J12       J2                J1                  J3 
   ____   ________      ___________________   _ _________ 
  |    | |      |1|    |                 |1| | |  POWER  | 
  |    |_|        |____|                   |_| |_________| 
  |                                                      | 
  |                   RN11          ::::::::             | 
  |                                 DDDWWWWW        W28: | 
  |                                 AAA54321             | 
  |                                 321                  | 
  |                                                      | 
  |                                                      | 
  |                                                      | 
  |              (Component Side)                        | 
  |                                                     _| 
  |                                                    | 
  |                                                    |_ 
  |                                                      | 
  |                                                      | 
  1538-series drives require the use of an ESDI Controller capable 
  of a data transfer rate of at least 23.33 Mbits/sec. 

  The Interface Terminator factory installed at RN11 will provide 
  proper termination for the interface lines. When daisy-chaining 
  multiple drives, leave the terminator installed  only in the last 
  physical drive on the daisy chain cable; remove the terminator from
  each of the other drives. In most PC/AT installations, the C: drive
  is actually at the end of the cable and should retain the 
  The drive address jumpers are identified as DA1,DA2 and DA3. 
  Address selection is binary, as shown in the table below. The ESDI 
  controllers's documentation will specify the drive address to use.
Drive Select Jumpers 
Address DA3 DA2 DA1
1 out out in
2 out in out
3 out in in
4 in out out
5 in out in
6 in in out
7 in in in
  "Drive address 0" (no jumper at DA1,DA2, or DA3) is a "deselect" 
  (i.e., no drive selected). 
  Drives are factory configured as Drive Address 1. 
  For many multiple drive installations, each drive must have a unique
  address. An exception is that for every drive in a PC/AT 
  installation, verify that only Drive Address is at DA2; move the 
  jumper if necessary (the special twisted interface cable that is 
  generally used takes care of assigning a unique address to each 
  drive). PC/AT controller can typically support a maximum of two 
Spindle Control Option
    Jumper W5 selects the spindle control option. 

    When W5 is installed, the drive must wait for a start spindle 
    command to start the spindle motor.

    When W5 is not installed (the factory default configuration), the 
    drive automatically starts the spindle motor at power on.

Sectoring Options
   * W1 is not used and must not be jumpered.

Frame ground Options
    W28 is to select the frame ground option.

    When a jumper is installed at W28, frame ground is connected to 
    logic ground.

    When a jumper is NOT installed at W28 (the factory default     
    configuration), frame ground is not connected to logic ground.

Sectoring Options
  * The number of bytes per sector may be specified using the Set 
  Bytes Per Sector command or by selecting a default sector 
  configuration with jumpers W2, W3, and W4 as follows: 
Jumpers Sectors Bytes / Sector
W4 W3 W2 Per Track Formatted Unformatted
out out out 68 520 612
* out out in 71 512 582
out in out 38 1024 1096
out in in 18 2244 2314
in out out 10 4096 4166
in out in 58 768 839
in in out 121 272 342
in in in 1 41594 41664
  * This is the default (factory installed) configuration and is 
  recommended for PC/AT applications