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Micropolis 2217A

Hard Disk Drive


Model Capacity Size Height Interface Bus Type
Micropolis 2217A 1626MB 3.5" HHT AT IDE


3D View (of similar 2210 model)


Size 3 1/2" 
Interface AT/IDE
Encoding Method
Formatted Capacity 1626.0 MB
Disks 8
Heads 15
Cylinders 2372
Sectors 63
Buffer Size N/A
Average Seek 10 msec
Single Track 1.5 msec
Rotation Speed/Avg. Latency 5400 rpm +/- 0.5%
Transfer Rate to / from. media 10 Mbytes/sec  Synchronous
Transfer Rate to / from buffer N/A
Tracks Per Inch (TPI)
Bits Per Inch (BPI)
Dimensions 8.0"L x 5.75"W x 1.625"H
Weight 5.75 lbs.

Power Requirements

+12V +/-5% +5V +/-5% Power
Spin up .6A
Read / Write 2.2A .85A
Typical seeking 11.5 Watts


Drive Options

      ____   _______________________   ________ 
     | J2 | |         J1            | |   J3   | 
     |    |_|_______________________|_|________| 
     |                                         |
     |               RESERVED                  |
     |               | | |                     |
     |           : : : : :                     |
     |           | |                           |
     |          W1 |                           |
     |            W2                           |
     |                                         |

     |           LED                           |

W1, W2 Jumpers (Master / Slave Selection)
    The interface allows up to two drives (a Master and one Slave) to be
    attached to the AT/IDE bus. The following table shows the configurations.
W1  W2 Description 
IN IN Drive emulates *both* Master and Slave (DEFAULT)
OUT IN Drive is Master, Slave is present
IN OUT Drive Slave
OUT OUT Drive is Master

    Specifies that one 2217A drive can emulate both the Master drive (Drive 0)
    and the Slave drive (Drive 1). This option allows for existing host systems
    to utilize the full capacity of the drive.
    When the drive is configured as both the Master and the Slave, the Master's
    (Drive 0) capacity is set to:

          1024 logical cylinders,
            16 logical heads, and
            63 logical sectors.
       This setting yields 528,482,304 bytes.

    The Slave's (Drive 1) capacity is set to the remaining storage on the
    disk drive.

    For this configuration, the recommended drive type setting in your
    computer's CMOS memory is as follows:

                             Drive 0              Drive 1
    Logical Cylinders:          1024                 2128
        Logical Heads:            16                   16
      Logical Sectors:            63                   63
     Capacity (bytes):   528,482,304        1,098,252,288

    When the drive is configured as a Master or as a Slave, the
    recommended drive type parameters are as follows:
    Logical Cylinders:          3152      
        Logical Heads:            16     
      Logical Sectors:            63    
     Capacity (bytes): 1,626,734,592

    NOTE:  The capacity of the 2217A drive may exceed the capacity that the
    host can access. This limitation stems from the communication link between
    the DOS and the BIOS. A typical limit is:
              1024 cylinders, 16 heads, 63 sectors

    NOTE: If you have a machine with a BIOS that supports over 16 heads, you
    can set the drive to be a SLAVE or MASTER with one full partition.
    To do this, set the drive for:

    Logical Cylinders:           788
        Logical Heads:            64
      Logical Sectors:            63
     Capacity (bytes): 1,601,316,864

     Specifies the Master drive (Drive 0) when two 2217A drives are used in the
     system. The other drive is the Slave.

     Specifies the Slave drive (Drive 1) when two 2217A drives are used in the
     system. The other drive is the Master.

     Specifies the Master drive (DRIVE 0) when one 2217A drive is used in a