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Micropolis 4421 Aries 2

Hard Disk Drive


Model Capacity Size Height Interface Bus Type
Micropolis 4421 Aries 2 2147MB 3.5" SL Fast SCSI2


The Micropolis Aries 2 one inch high disk drive is ideally suited for the new generation of powerful PCs, high performance workstations, and super servers that demand cost-effective high capacity with low power dissipation and quiet operation, in a minimal space.

  • Cost-effective data storage with over 2 GB of formatted capacity
  • 9.75 ms average seek time for TZ0030-01-7
    8.8 ms average seek time for TZ0030-02-5
  • 5400 rpm provides average latency of 5.56 ms
  • SCAM (SCSI Configured AutoMatically) (TZ0030-02-5 only)
  • In combination with Windows 95 and a SCAM-compliant SCSI host adapter, enables plug-and-play installation. The system will automatically determine all the configuration details such as SCSI addresses, and eliminates the setting of configuration jumpers or DIP switches.
  • On-the-fly error detection and correction using 126-bit Reed-Solomon code
  • 512 Kb, 8 segment cache buffer
  • Tagged command queuing
  • Multiple segment read-look-ahead operation for repetitive and sequential access
  • Write coalescing
  • Write caching
  • Spindle synchronization
  • Advanced hybrid servo eliminates the need for periodic thermal calibration
  • Active one-jumper enable/disable termination
  • Five-Year Warranty through Micropolis Authorized Distributors