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Micropolis 4540A

Hard Disk Drive


Model Capacity Size Height Interface Bus Type
Micropolis 4540A 4000MB 3.5" SL ATA3


Size 3 1/2" 
Interface EIDE
Interface Type 40 Pin
Encoding Method
Formatted Capacity 4. GB
Disks  3
Heads  6
Cylinders 4050
Sectors 512
Buffer Size N/A
Average Seek 10.5 msec
Single Track
Rotation Speed/Avg. Latency 5200 rpm +/- 0.5%
Transfer Rate to / from. media 20 Mbytes/sec  Synchronous
Transfer Rate to / from buffer
Tracks Per Inch (TPI)
Bits Per Inch (BPI)
Dimensions 5.75"D x 4.0"W x 1.0"H
Weight 1.4 lbs.

Power Requirements

+12V +/-5% +5V +/-5% Power
Spin up .55A
Read / Write .6A .6A
Typical seeking     12 Watts


Drive Features

Multi-Segmented Read Ahead Caching

Write Caching

PRML Read Channel

ID-less Sectors

S.M.A.R.T. Compliant

168-bit Reed-Solomon ECC with triple-burst on-the-fly error correction

Extended command set includes read/write multiple commands

Supports DMA mode

Industry standard mounting in any orientation

Millennium Compliant

3-Year Warranty