Micropolis 1030/PC


Model Capacity Size Height
Micropolis 1030/PC 1036MB (1203MB) 5.25" FHT


Size 5-1/4" internally, full-height
Interface SCSI2 (PC) or SCSI1 (Mac)
Dimensions 11.8"L x 11.8"W x 4.25"H
Weight 19 lbs. / 8.6 kgs



Micropolis MicroDisk 1030 front view Micropolis MicroDisk 1030 in perspective view Micropolis MicroDisk 1030 rear view Micropolis MicroDisk 1030 detail


The Micropolis MicroDisk™ 1030 is the mid-range offering from the MicroDisk model-family of simple external SCSI HDD enclosures (storage subsystems). As a simple deskside SCSI enclosure the 1030 slightly predates the more elaborate "stackable" Raidion LT and LS SCSI "towers". MicroDisks were offered either with a drive pre-installed or as empty enclosures for customers to populate with a 5.25" "full-height" SCSI drive. The enclosure is usually equipped with a drive from the Micropolis 15xx drive range. A common drive is the Micropolis 1598, providing 1030 MB of on-line storage. MicroDisk enclosures were available in hardware variants for PC and Macintosh computers with SCSI1 or SCSI2 compatibility respectively.

Power Requirements

Input: 110V AC
Typical: 32 Watts