Micropolis 1040/1050-Series


1040/1050 S-100 Series Floppy Disk Sub-Systems


The Micropolis 1040/1050 S-100 Series Floppy Disk Sub-Systems consists of ready to be used systems, which means an enclosure plus installed drives. These subsystem modules use drive mechanics from the Micropolis 1015-Series of OEM drives.

The drives designated as Mod. II are sometimes marketed as the MetaFloppy™. Lower capacity Mod. I drives are sometimes marketed as MacroFloppy

The MacroFloppy / MetaFloppy series marks Micropolis' second generation of floppy drives and subsystems, coming after the pioneering first iteration that was the 1015/1016 "MegaFloppy" series. This newer generation used improved controller cards, like the 100164, which were able to encode data via GCR which raises recording density on the magnetic medium. In combination with the earlier generation's doubling of magnetic tracks from 48TPI to 100TPI, this roughly quadrupled capacity (Quad Density) over traditional Double Density (DD) 5.25-inch floppy disk storage.

Model Versions

Floppy drive subsystems utilizing a 35 track drive are called "MacroFloppy" and "MetaFloppy" subsystems rely on drives writing 77 tracks. Regarding the internal floppy drive mechanic, 48tpi/35 track drives have a black disk load actuator and 100tpi/77 tracks drives have a blue disk load actuator.