Micropolis 2217-Series


DRIVE SPECIFICATIONS - MODEL 2205/2207/2210/2217

Formatted Capacity

Model			2205	 2207	  2210	     2217
Per Drive 585 MB 701 MB 1.056 GB 1.765 GB
Bytes per Sector 512
Sectors per Track Variable
Cylinders 2,360

3D View


Data Rate

Avg. Seek Time (including settling time)	10 msec
Avg. Rotational Latency 5.56 msec
Rotational Speed 5400 rpm +/- 0.5%

Data Transfer Rate at Interface

Synchronous			up to 10 MB/sec
Asynchronous up to 5 MB/sec
Internal Data Rate 32 to 46.5 Mbits/sec
MTBF (power-on hours) 300,000
Positioner Fully balanced rotary voice coil
Parking Automatic park and lock

General Functional Specifications

Interface				Fast SCSI-2
Supports Full Common Command Set Yes
Drivers/Receivers 8-Bit ("Narrow") Single-Ended

Power Requirements

+12V +/-5% (average)			0.6 A
+12V +/-5% (max during start-up) 2.35 A
+5V +/-5% (average) 0.85 A

Power Dissipation, typical 12.25 Watts


All drives from this series feature Micropolis' then patented shock mount assembly to help guard the drive mechanism from vibration and impacts.

Drive Configuration Information

(Board Layout and Jumper Options)

Drive Warranty Information