Micropolis MicroDisk™


"MicroDisk"-Series of external SCSI hard disk drive enclosures

Model Number 670 1030 1340
Variant 670/PC 670/Mac 1030/PC 1030/Mac 1340/PC 1340/Mac
Capacity 685MB (765MB) 1036MB (1203MB) 1341MB (1535MB)



Micropolis MicroDisk 1030 front view Micropolis MicroDisk 1030 in perspective view Micropolis MicroDisk 1030 rear view


The Micropolis MicroDisk™ series of drives is an early model-family of simple external SCSI HDD enclosures (storage subsystems) slightly predating the more elaborate "stackable" Raidion LT and LS SCSI "towers". MicroDisks were offered either with a drive pre-installed or less often as empty enclosures for customers to populate with a Micropolis 3.5" "slim-line"/half-height (model 670) or 5.25" "full-height" SCSI drive (model 1030 and 1340). MicroDisk enclosures were available in hardware variants for PC and Macintosh computers with SCSI1 or SCSI2 compatibility respectively. The indivdual model numbers are derrived from the usual capacity.

Due to how legacy documentation was laid out, these enclosures are also listed in our "Hard Drives Support" section here on micropolis.com and in some documentation elsewhere on the Internet.

Micropolis used the "MicroDisk™" model name on a number of products. The early 1200 series 8-inch hard-disk drives were sometimes called MicroDisk. Then, mainly, the simple external storage subsystems described here carried the name MicroDisk and when the Raidion series of stackable SCSI subsystems was introduced, an early production run was labeled MicroDisk.