Micropolis Floppy Disk Drive Micropolis 100085-01-8A, Specifications, Support, Specs, Manual, Images

Micropolis 100085-01-8A

Controller Board


Model Capacity Size Height Media Type
Micropolis 100085-01-8A - - - -

Micropolis 100085-01-8A is a floppy disk controller board, implemented on a 5-by-10-inch PCBA that plugs into the S-100 bus.

This board is one of Micropolis' first products. It was marketed closely with Vector Graphic Inc.'s computers. Documentation was sometimes interchanged and this Micropolis board was sold as part of Vector Graphic's early systems.

The 100085 was bundled floppy controller for many drives from the Micropolis 1015/1016-Series, especially earlier drive models.