Micropolis Floppy Disk Drive Micropolis 1041 I, Specifications, Support, Specs, Manual, Images

Micropolis 1041 I

MacroFloppy™ Floppy Disk Drive


Model Capacity Size Height Media Type
Micropolis 1041 I 143K 5.25" Full Single Sided, Single Density / 48TPI

Micropolis floppy disk drive 1041 Mod I is a complete MacroFloppy™ single-disk subsystem with a total of 143 kilobytes of formatted on-line storage. Similar to 1041 Mod II except for storage.


Model 1041 Mod I is a master module, used with a Micropolis 1071 controller and interface cable A. Its sister-module 1021 Mod I is an add-on module only.

This drive only accepts hard-sectored media when used with a Micropolis 1071 controller.

This module ships without power supply. Compare the Micropolis 1091-01 regulator.

Note on Micropolis' floppy drive naming convention

If you ask yourself what the meaning of the Roman numeral literals in disk drive names is, here's the explanation: Labeling convention for the Micropolis floppy disk drives from the 1040/1050 series is that each model number is followed by either the notation "Mod I" or "Mod II". These notations indicate whether the system operates at a track density of 48 TPI (35 tracks total) or 100 TPI (77 tracks total). "Mod I" storage modules have a black disk load actuator and "Mod II" modules have a blue disk load actuator.