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Micropolis 1054

4x Drive Combo


Model Capacity Size Height Media Type
Micropolis 1054 - -


Model 1054 - or MetaFloppy:1054 - is a package of two floppy-drive systems model 1053-II.

The MetaFloppy:1054 comes complete with four drives in dual configuration, a controller, power supply, chassis, enclosure, all cabling, and a DOS and Disk Extended BASIC software package. Like all systems utilising the 1053 drive mechanics, the :1054 also has file-protection circuitry. Other standard features include a disk-insertion interlock that prevents accidental damage to the diskette by preventing the user from closing the drive door unless the diskette is positioned properly. And large lighted numerals clearly show the logical address of each drive, to further prevent operating errors.
This drive only accepts hard-sectored media when used with the bundled Micropolis 1071 controller.