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Micropolis 4345NS

Hard Disk Drive


Model Capacity Size Height Interface Bus Type
Micropolis 4345NS 4.55 GB 3.5" 1/3HT Ultra SCSI3


Size 3 1/2" 
Interface SCSI-3
Encoding Method
Formatted Capacity 4.55 GB
Disks  5
Heads  9
Cylinders 4811
Sectors Variable
Buffer Size N/A
Average Seek 7.9. msec
Single Track
Rotation Speed/Avg. Latency 7200 rpm +/- 0.5%
Transfer Rate to / from. media 20 Mbytes/sec  Synchronous
Transfer Rate to / from buffer
Tracks Per Inch (TPI)
Bits Per Inch (BPI)
Dimensions 5.75"D x 4.0"W x 1.0"H
Weight 0.00 lbs.

Power Requirements

+12V +/-5% +5V +/-5% Power
Spin up .55A
Read / Write 1.75A 1.1A
Typical seeking     12 Watts



Configuration Options

Jumpers at Pin 3-4, 5-6, and 7-8 select the SCSI ID.
Each SCSI device on one Host Adapter must have a unique SCSI ID (0-7). 
SCSI ID0 is the Default.

0 (default) out out out
1 out out in
2 out in out
3 out in in
4 in out out
5 in out in
6 in in out
7 in in in

Interface Termination (W4)
Jumper installed at W4 (Default) - The drive provides termination for the interface lines; onboard termination is electrically enabled.

Jumper omitted at W4 - The drive does not provide termination for the interface lines; onboard termination is electrically disabled.

Terminator Power (W1, W2, W3)
Jumper installed at W1 (Default) - The drive provides terminator power.

Jumper installed at W2 - The host provides terminator power (via Interface Connector J1A).

Jumper installed at W3 - The drive provides terminator power (via J1A) to the SCSI Bus.

Spindle Control (SP0)
Jumper installed at SP0, jumper omitted at SP1 - The spindle motor starts when 
SCSI �START UNIT� command is received.

Jumpers omitted at SP0 (Default) and at SP1 - The spindle motor starts at power-on.

Spindle Delay (SP1)
Jumper installed at SP1, jumper omitted at SP0 - Spindle motor start-up is delayed, 
   based on SCSI ID (12 seconds per SCSI ID).

Jumpers omitted at SP1 (Default) and at SP0 - The spindle motor starts at power-on.

Write Protect (WP)
Jumper installed at WP - The drive is write protected.
Jumper omitted at WP (Default) - The drive is not write protected.

BUS Parity Check (PTY)
Jumper installed at PTY - The drive neither generates nor detects parity.

Jumper omitted at PTY (Default) - The drive generates parity and has parity detection enabled.

Remote LED
Open-collector output - Used to drive a user-supplied LED to indicate the drive is active.