Raidion is a trademark of Micropolis.
In 1991, Micropolis Corporation decided to establish a line of cross-platform modular external storage subsystems based on SCSI drives and RAID fault tolerance technology. This led to the introduction of the MicroDisk LS and LT disk arrays for standard 5.25 and 3.5 inch SCSI drives or the MicroDisk AV variant for Micropolis' own "AV" drives tuned for audio-visual workloads. About at the same time it was decided to establish a sub-brand for this line of storage enclosures. The trademark Raidion® was created and subsequently registered around the globe. The flagship products of the Raidion line were the stackable disk arrays codenamed "Gandiva", which then sold as Micropolis Raidion LT and Raidion LS. You can get support information for some products from this line in the Support > Storage Enclosures site area.

When Micropolis Corporation began restructuring in the late 1990s, Raidion assets were first transferred to the renamed company StreamLogic and then sold off to a newly formed external company, Raidion Systems in Minnesota. Raidion Systems in turn was a subdivision of Peripheral Technology Group (PTGS), also operating out of Minnesota. Raidion Systems continued to sell Micropolis Gandiva systems and added a few own updated products. Around years 2006/2007, PTGS and Raidion Systems ceased operation.

Today, Raidion™ is again a trademark of Micropolis. The former web domain of Raidion Systems,, has since been acquired and redirects here, to this article. At this point, it is undecided if Micropolis will again actively market Raidion™ as a consumer facing brand.