Micropolis Raidion LS



Micropolis Raidion LS Modular Desktop Storage Enclosure for 5.25-Inch Winchester Hard-Disk Drives.

The Micropolis Raidion™ series of storage enclosures consists of modular bricks of high transfer rate digital storage systems, intercoupled multiple digital storage units. The systems can be scaled from smaller stackable desktop or deskside units, which is a common configuration for the “Raidion LS”, or large 19” rack based systems for datacenter use. The Raidion SCSI array lineup was introduced in mid 1991.

Each storage module houses a single SCSI drive, its own power supply and a fan. Over multiple "towers" up to 28 modules can be put into an array. As each modules has its own PSU, the array has higher redundancy and can continue running while individual failing drives are being fixed.

To customers the system was sometimes marketed as “Speedstack” due to the ease of how modules could be added. Internally Micropolis used codename “Gandiva” for the Raidion lineup of modules and stackable systems, Raidion Storage Arrays. "Gandiva" is a divine bow mentioned in the texts of Hinduism. It is owned by Arjuna, one of the Pandavas from the epic Mahabharata.