Micropolis 1598-Models



Formatted Capacity

	Per Drive		1034.6 MB
Bytes per Sector 512
Sectors per Track 71
Cylinders 1,928
Disk Platters 8
Read/Write Heads 15


Data Rate

	Seek Time (including settling time)
Track-to-Track 4 msec
Average 14.5 msec
Maximum 33 msec
Avg. Rotational Latency 8.33 msec
Rotational Speed 3600 rpm +/- 0.5%

Data Transfer Rate at Interface

	Synchronous		4 MB/sec
Asynchronous 1.8 MB/sec
Internal Data Rate 20 Mbits/sec
MTBF (power-on hours) 150,000
Positioner Fully balanced rotary voice coil
Parking Automatic park and lock

General Functional Specifications

	Form-Factor				5 1/4-inch, "full-height"
Interface SCSI
Supports Full Common Command Set Yes
Write Precompensation Start Cylinder 1928
Reduced Write Current Start Cylinder 1928
Landing Zone 1928
Mounting Plane Any orientation
Drivers/Receivers Single-ended

Power Requirements

	+12V +/-5% (average)			1.5 A
+12V +/-5% (max. during start-up) 4.35 A
+5V +/-5% (average) 2.0 A
Power Dissipation, typical 30 Watts

Drive Configuration Information

(Board Layout and Jumper Options)

Drive Warranty Information

Notes on OEM use

Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) used the Micropolis 1598 drives white-labeled as the DEC RZ57 / RZ57-E hard-disk drives for their PDP11/10 VAX machines.
This drive was also commonly used in Micropolis MicroDisk 1030 desktop SCSI drive enclosures.
More about Micropolis OEM supplies can be read in Legacy OEM products.