Legacy OEM products

Hard-drives and floppy-drives manufactured by Micropolis were in large parts sold as original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts, as components marketed by another manufacturer as part of their systems and sometimes even labeled with their brand (white labeled or private labeled).

Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) used the Micropolis 1325 and 1598 hard-drives in their PDP11/10 VAX machines. The Micropolis 1325, marketed as DEC RD53, is recognizable as a Micropolis drive, but Micropolis 1598 drive marketed as DEC RZ57 / RZ57-E are relabeled with DEC singatures even on the drive package. Only via technical design and chipsets used the drive can be identified as a Micropolis.

Micropolis dual-drive subsystems 1043-II and 1053-II respectively were at one point sold as Exidy Dual Disk. The usually blue and white "horizon lines" stickers on the front bezel are then stickered over with an all black tape with the Exidy logo on left and a stylized "Dual Disk" label on the right. The metal body which is blue on Micropolis models is painted white for Exidy branded units.

Commodore International of Commodore C64 fame used Micropolis floppy disk drive mechanisms in its early personal computer storage subsystems. The Commodore 8050 was a deskside dual-drive 5.25-inch floppy disk system. There was a variant called the Commodore 8250 which had two read/write heads per drive, so that either side of the magnetic disk could be used without ejecting and flipping the floppy-disk manually. Commodore further used customized controller boards supplied by Micropolis, the Micropolis #8050005 and refreshed #8050006 analog controller PCB. Schematic layouts are illustrated here, here, here and here. Data on disk was Group coded (GCR). Earlier models used the Micropolis 1006 II (single sided) and 1006-IV (double sided) drive mechanics, while later models used the revised and improved 1106 II (single sided) and 1106 IV (double sided) drives nicknamed "Micropolis Safari" drives. This German site has some pictures of the subsystem and closeups of the drives.