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Micropolis 1083-02

Interface Cable B


Model Capacity Size Height Media Type
Micropolis 1083-02 - -

Interface Cable B - Daisy Chain Type

The standard Interface Cable A (1083-01) is 54" (137cm) long. It uses 34-wire flat cable with card edge connectors at each end. Pin 1 is indicated by a contrasting wire color along the appropriate edge. This cable is used to connect the controller directly to any single storage module (which can in turn contain one or two disk drives. When two or more storage modules are to be connected to the controller, the appropriate Daisy Chain cable must be used in place of the standard Cable A.
Daisy Chain	Model		Total		Total
Type				Connectors	Storage Modules

B		1083-02		3		2
C		1083-03		4		3
D		1083-04		5		4