Micropolis 1320/1330-Series




Model Number
	1323/1333	1323A/1333A	1324/1334	1324A/1334A	1325/1335
Unformatted Capacity (MBytes) 42.7 53.3 64.0 74.7 85.3
Disk Platters 3 3 4 4 5
Read/Write Heads 4 5 6 7 8
Formatted Capacity (MBytes) 35.6 44.5 53.4 62.3 71.3
(All other specs are common for all members of the 1320 and 1330 Series) Bytes per Sector 512
Sectors per Track 17
Cylinders 1,024
Bytes per Track 10,416
Note that all drives from 13xx series are based on the same chassis. Please refer to other models, like model 1325 and the respective series overview pages for more technical info: 1300 series, 1350 series, 1370 series

Example Video (Micropolis model 1325)


Platters and r/w-heads of an openened hard-disk-drive
Opened Micropolis 1325 hard-disk-drive, showing data surfaces (platters) and r/w-heads
Illustration from the Micropolis Data Storage Guide

The 1320/1330 series are MFM drives with an ST-412 interface.

PC Drive Types

Examine the entries in your system drive table and find the type that most resembles the head and cylinder parameters of the drive without exceeding these parameters. If you are using third-party installation/partitioning software, follow the instructions included with the software, as it may perform this step automatically.


Data Rate

	Seek Time (including settling time)
Track-to-Track 6 msec
Average 28 msec
Maximum 62 msec
Avg. Rotational Latency 8.33 msec
Rotational Speed 3600 rpm +/- 0.5%
Data Transfer Rate 5 Mbits/sec
Optimum Step Rate 20 microseconds or faster (buffered seek)
MTBF (power-on hours) 35,000 (1320-Series) 25,000 (1330-Series)
Positioner Fully balanced rotary voice coil
Parking Automatic park and lock

General Functional Specifications

	Form-Factor				5 1/4-inch, "full-height"
Interface ST-506/412
Encoding Method MFM (Modified Frequency Modulation) Although these drives may be capable of functioning in an RLL environment, Micropolis does not certify or warrant them for this application.
Sectoring Soft
Write Precompensation Start Cylinder 1024 Reduced Write Current Start Cylinder 1024 Landing Zone 1024
Mounting Plane Any orientation

Power Requirements

	+12V +/-5% (average)			2.0 A
+12V +/-5% (max. during start-up) 3.9 A
+5V +/-5% (average) 0.9 A
Power Dissipation, typical 29 Watts

Drive Configuration Information

(Board Layout and Jumper Options)


Drive Warranty Information